Who we are

In January 2014, the C.I.C.S. (ConsorzioItaliano Cooperative dello Spettacolo – Consortium of Cooperatives of Performing Arts) was born and it is the FIRST CONSORTIUM OF COOPERATIVES OF PERFORMING ARTS IN ITALY. It is comprised of 5 Performing Arts groups (MUSICAMAGICA, TERZO SUONO, DELTARTISTI, C.A.M. and R.C.M.) whom together afford a wide range of artists and technicians able to satisfy any type of client:  from initiatives promoted by public administration to requests or initiatives from the private sector of all types and sizes. With Consortium of Cooperatives of Performing Arts, each member of the group is guaranteed to work with a sense of awareness and dignity, with maximum responsibility, legality and safety.    The main aim of C.I.C.S. is to UNITE those who share the passion for art, shows, culture, well-being and knowledge.

We offer these services:

  • AGIBILITÀ ENPALS: a document that proves the fact that for a given performance of an artist, the employer will pay contributions on the compensation paid to the artist.
  • ASSICURAZIONE RC: – third party insurance
  • SICUREZZA SUL LAVORO ai sensi del D.I. 81/2008; Safety on the workplace in relation to Legislative Decree 81/2008
  • CONTABILITÀ – ELABORAZIONE CEDOLIINI: Accounting and generation of payslips
  • CONSULENZA AMMINISTRATIVA – LEGALE; – Administrative consulting – legal consulting
  • STESURA CONTRATTI PER PRESTAZIONI TECNICO – ARTISTICHE; – Draftingcontracts for technical performance – in the Arts
  • PROMOZIONE E MARKETING; Marketing and Promotion  (Marketing, Advertising and Promotion?)
  • PA.: Accesso al mercatotelematicodellaPubblicaAmministrazione;  a WEB purchasing tool, accessibile via internet wherebyMePA is used by the public administration to purchase goods and services from companies or private professionals.
  • SERVIZIO DI CERTIFICAZIONE CARICHI SOSPESI in convenzione; Certificate confirming that there are no risks for the spectators or for those working in the event.
  • FORMAZIONE ED APPROFONDIMENTI di tematiche legate allo spettacolo – • TRAINING AND ANALYSIS on issuesrelated to the show

Dal mese marzo 2020 il CICS e le Cooperative dello Spettacolo hanno attuato una serie di misure per far fronte all’emergenza lavorativa dei soci:

Ci auguriamo che la soddisfazione dei Soci sia pari al grado di impegno riportato dal CICS e le Cooperative.